world divided

In the direst of disasters, you need the bravest of heroes.
But while you're trying to find them, you gotta settle for whoever is available.

Cold War has split the world in two, both figuratively and literally. The Great Divide spans across the globe with an impenetrable mess of concrete and barbed wire sandwiched between the two blocs. You are Leonard Nimby; stone-faced former top agent of IM5, hot on the trail of a shrink gun stolen from you by a villanous mayoral candidate on the eve of a fateful election.Splittown is a point-and-click adventure game inspired by 90s classics such as Day of the Tentacle and Sam & Max Hit The Road. You'll crack confounding puzzles, stuff improbable amounts of items in your pockets, and engage in humorous dialogue with a colorful cast of characters on an adventure that will push your wits to the limit.




When we started developing Splittown in 2017, publishers had no great rush to fund a project like ours. Instead, we've decided to invest our own time and money in creating a game we sincerely believe in. Our passion lies in bringing a bygone era back to life. We aren't looking to imitate something from the 90s, but imagine what a long-lost game developed in our childhood could have looked like. We hope that the love and enthusiasm we put into every detail helps make up for the lack of a hefty marketing budget